Author, Jeane Rhodes, Ph.D., is a licensed professional counselor using sandplay as her primary therapeutic tool. She teaches online for Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. She formerly served as associate editor of the Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, and worked in the foster care system as a therapist and in various management capacities. She has also been a yoga instructor, active in local, national, and international yoga organizations. Her master's thesis, titled Mind Made Visible: Psychotherapeutic Application of Yoga Asana,@ brought this experience with yoga into her psychology studies. Interest in pre- and perinatal psychology led to interviews with young children regarding their birth memories. Research continued with her Ph.D. dissertation, which explored the prenatal expression of yoga postures and subsequent echoes in the body of prenatal and birth experience. On a very personal level, she was a teen parent herself and brings the emotional reality of that experience to the creation of The Birth of Hope.